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Born in Milan in 1976, Mirko Lamonaca lives and works in Bergamo, in northern Italy.

Starting from painting, Mirko Lamonaca elected in 2008 the staged photography as the ideal way to represent his handmade sets. The themes of his works are museums and imaginary cities and " Catàbasis ", a research on the imaginary of the underworld, a project that won him the first prize at the Ferrara Riaperture Photography Festival in 2018, where he was exposed.

An open and eclectic interest led Mirko Lamonaca to follow Lomography in 2016 during a workshop with maestro Franco Fontana, who called on Mirko to exhibit with him on several occasions (Milan, Brescia, Bergamo).

His most recent and ongoing project, “Enchiridion,” is a research into mystery, the unknown, the dark lands of the imagination and the eternal dualisms: good and evil, life and death, eros and thanatos, light and darkness.

Mirko Lamonaca's work has been published in various magazines and exhibited in Italy (Milan, Rome, Brescia, Ferrara, Genoa), Europe (Berlin, Brussels) and India (Hyderabad).