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Born in Milan in 1976, Mirko Lamonaca lives and works in Bergamo.

Starting from painting, in 2008 Mirko Lamonaca elected the Staged Photography (the scene designed for the precise photographic end) as the ideal way to represent his hand-made sets. Themes of his works are the museums (The Rooms Of Wonders, Giants, The Thief Of Souls), the towns (The Forgotten Town, Metropolis, Plattenbauten Pinhole) and Catàbasis, a research on the imagination of the underworld, a project that earned him the first prize at the Ferrara Riaperture Photography Festival in 2018, where it was exhibited. His leading artists in this field are the photographers Lori Nix, James Casebere, Paolo Ventura and the painter Stefan Hoenerloh.

An open and eclectic interest brings Mirko Lamonaca to follow Lomography, a field that he experiences massively in 2016 during a workshop with Franco Fontana, who calls Mirko to exhibit with him on several occasions (Milan, Brescia, Bergamo). His projects are The Song Of The Louse Dog, The Personal City, Sleepless, Asleep and The Time In Suspension. These last three were collected in the book Lomografie published in 2018.

A very recent subject, the study of New Topographics authors (including Lewis Baltz, Robert Adams, Frank Gohlke, the Becher, William Christenberry, Stephen Shore) leads Mirko Lamonaca to work on a long-term project (currently in progress) on the Italian landscape taken on the road by an iPhone through the car windows.

His works have been published in various magazines and exhibited in Italy (Milan, Rome, Brescia, Ferrara, Genoa), Europe (Berlin, Brussels) and India (Hyderabad).

Mirko Lamonaca is member of the collective Gasthaus.