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Luzzara. Un paese, una metafora

Images directly scanned from original Fuji Instax Square prints.

Luzzara is a town in the Lower Emilia area that became famous thanks to "Un Paese" by Paul Strand and Cesare Zavattini, the first true example of an Italian photographic book published in 1955. Starting from the mid-seventies with Gianni Berengo Gardin, other great photographers (Luigi Ghirri, Stephen Shore, Olivo Barbieri among the best known) will return to Luzzara to portray the identity and changes of its people by building the myth of a place, a country, in fact now a metaphor of the photographic identity of an entire nation. With this project, Collettivo Gasthaus intends to pay tribute to this extraordinary story. Six authors, six different visions of Luzzara photographed in a single day. Six different narratives that all lead to a common thought: there are as many of Luzzara as there are eyes that observe it.