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Via Fratelli Kennedy #2
(front window photographs)


This project ideally continues the work inaugurated with “A4 Motorway. Crossing of the province of Bergamo ”. In the previous work the territory visited and photographed is a vast area that includes the crossing of several municipalities along a well-known and busy defined path. In this second project the research horizon is reduced from a highway to a purely local road: a street of Bagnatica, a municipality in the province of Bergamo. Via Fratelli Kennedy is a very common and characteristic arterial road of the Lombard landscape: it goes through residential and central towns as well as industrial areas. Very frequent situation of our territory. And, precisely because it is a common scenario, its almost total generality has the possibility of giving it the role of landscape archetype.

The images were taken using a smartphone mounted on my car. The first part of the project includes photographs taken from the side window. The second part includes photographs taken from the windshield.