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Streets of Vezza d'Alba

The fifty-one imagesof this project were taken by photographing the landscape from the windshield of the car. The road, the asphalt, the perspective lines, are therefore omnipresent. A way for crossing the landscape and at the same time an integral part of a story that can certainly be read on several levels. Stephen Shore has written that very well. Every photograph consists of three levels. Leaving aside the material level (the printed photograph, its materiality), each image has a descriptive and a mental level. On the descriptive level belongs what, in fact, the photographer has taken up during the shooting. A landscape, an action, a still life. Vezza d’Alba seen from its streets, in the case of this work. The mental level, instead, is linked to the meaning that the author intended to convey. Starting from these considerations, this project was was realized using a smartphone mounted on the windows of a car, paying attention to the pure description of what it is possible to encounter along the roads. The real landscape is revealed in its simplest condition.