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Streets of Casnigo 

If the words of the photographer Robert Adams are true, as I agree, the real world is always more interesting than any photographic representation of it. The real world. What we know as part of it. Of its territorial and social dimension, of its history. Of its apparent banality. But even if less interesting than the real landscape, the photo-document (act of truth, according to Guido Guidi), has the function of tracing data of a time, a place and a history. Nowadays contemporary and therefore perhaps not of interest, in the future keepers of memory for those who will come after us.

Starting from these considerations, a long-term project was born, of which “Streets of Casnigo" is the third chapter. Realized, like the previous ones (Streets of Grignano and Streets of Vezza d'Alba), by a smartphone mounted on the glass of a car, has this goal: the objective description of what it is possible to meet along the roads of immense Italian province. The real landscape is revealed in its form (the territory), and in its content (historic urban areas and new settlements, industrial areas, agricultural areas, suburban spaces).

Free from human presences, which in their absence however are not insignificant. The absence of people in landscape photographs is perfectly explained by Gabriele Basilico: landscape, architecture and space photographs are images without people. But these photographs are deeply dedicated to the humanity of every place that these people, who are not seen, have built.