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A4 Motorway. Crossing of the Province of Bergamo

In the book “Fotografia Creativa“ Franco Fontana remembers Proust when he writes that the true voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes. Fontana suggests that it is not necessary to fly from one continent to another to find the world. It is possible to find beauty and poetry even in the landscape around us, the place where we live. Taking inspiration from this invitation and from the work of the New Topographics photographers, for some years now I have been photographing the roadside landscape with an iPhone mounted on the side window of my car. After collecting about forty thousand test shots taken through northern Italy (from Cuneo to Trieste, including the Po valley to the limits of Ferrara and Reggio Emilia), I gave shape to this first project dedicated to a place that more than any another characterizes the landscape, the territory in which I live and which is part of my daily life: the A4 motorway. The images, taken in a single session, show how much, from the car window, you can meet, beyond the edge of the road, on the journey from Capriate to Ponte Oglio and vice versa. Industrial and commercial buildings, rest areas, rare open spaces. Portraited in their absolute and only seemingly banal identity: what is seen, is simply, what is. What belongs to us and that presents itself to us in its most honest form and condition.