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Easter Days 

'Easter Days' is a series made on the occasion of my father's hospitalization for a surgical operation.

The images of this work were taken during the week of hospitalization and are structured in a mainly temporal sequence. The exit from home, the entrance into the car, the arrival in the room, the first dinner, the morning of the intervention, the wait and the return from the operating room. Following the stay in hospital, recovery, visits of relatives, the first exit outdoors until leave. To close the work in a circular way, the return on the doorstep, the real and ideal terminus of this experience.

I made this series with the desire to trace, for my family, the memory of an out-of-the-ordinary episode. An album of memories that deserve to be preserved like light memories. A tribute to my father for the positive outcome of the intervention, and to my mother, whose constant gaze and care are going through every moment of these days.